We have finished shooting the second installment of Birds Through The Lens video series and are in the process of editing it for release this spring. Take a look at a preview below.
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Not able to attend a workshop, but would like to get the detailed information of being on your own one on one workshop? Then the new Birds Through The Lens video series will bring you right into the field with Alan Murphy, as he shows you step by step, everything you need to know to produce award winning images. In these downloadable videos, Alan will teach you all the fine nuances of bird photography, which cannot be put into an eBook.
This first installment in the series covers the following topics and more:

This first installment in the series is a collection of 6 Hi-Definition Videos for a total run-time of approximately one hour.

When you purchase this first installment in the series, you can download the 6 videos to your Mac or PC for viewing them there or for syncing to your mobile device, or you can stream them to your favorite device.

Cost: $50 (for all the 6 videos on this first installment of the series)

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