Not able to attend a workshop, but would like to get the detailed information of being on your own one on one workshop? Then the new Birds Through The Lens video series will bring you right into the field with Alan Murphy, as he shows you step by step, everything you need to know to produce award winning images. In these downloadable videos, Alan will teach you all the fine nuances of bird photography, which cannot be put into an eBook.

Video Preview

Episode #1

- How to look for, find and choose the right perch

- What perches do not work and why.

- How to match the perch for a particular species

- How to present a perch to the scene

- How to trim a perch to look fantastic

- How to support the perch

- How many perches do you set up

- Working with mounds, stumps and elevated perches

- How to choose a good background

- How to deal with background challenges

- How to break up a flat background so it's mottled

- How to find and use gradient backgrounds

- How far should the background be from the perch

- Should you wear camo

- Working from a blind

- How to set up your lens and tripod for blind work

- The correct tightness of your lens support

- Is concealment important

- Plus, many tips for being a better bird photographer

This episode consists of 6 Hi-Definition Videos for a total runtime of approximately one hour

Episode #2

Topics Covered

- How to prepare your backyard for photography

- How to work with backyard feeders

- What feeders work best for bird photography

- How to get birds from your feeders onto perches

- How to set up a water drip

- How to work with berry perches

- How to make and use home made suet

- How to bring in woodpeckers

- What food works best for what species

- How to set up perches around feeders

- Photo blinds for the backyard

- Plus, much, much more

This episode consists of 8 Hi-Definition Videos for a total runtime of over one hour

Episode #3

Topics Covered

- How to setup for multi-flash Hummingbird photography

- How to do ambient light Hummingbird photography

- How to photography songbirds in flight using a tiny feeder

- How to setup and use a PhotoTrap trigger system

- How to make and use a decoy owl for photographing Raptors in flight

- What gear and settings work best

- Blind construction and camo for flight photography

- Flight photography techniques that will help you succeed

This episode consists of 9 Hi-Definition Videos for a total runtime of more than 1.5 hours

When you purchase any of the episodes in the series, you can download the videos to your Mac or PC for viewing them there or for syncing to your mobile device, or you can stream them to your favorite device.


Cost: $50 for each episode in the series


Topics Covered

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